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Mass Effect 3: Tali’s Picture


It’s not often that I do fan art. Even less so that I post it. But in this case, I just had to do my own rendition of Bioware’s Tali portrait, because their version was… underwhelming. Not saying that my rendition is better, but at least I feel happier with it.

That being said, San Diego Comic Con was crazy! Awesome, but crazy. Man, did my feet hurt afterwards. Not to mention the sleep depravation.


Everquest – Maurasi


Shadow Rising – Beastie


One of the first concept pieces I did in NZ, for CerebralFix’s game Shadow Rising.


Shadowkin 3D Bust


I guess it’s more than time to start reviving this blog!
Had a fantastic time at Stickmen Studios in Christchurch, New Zealand. The last project we got to work on before the studio closed was especially fun, giving my fellow artists and myself a lot of creative freedom.

This was one of my very first zBrush models. It was a tough nut to crack, but I got more and more into it and really enjoy the 3D process now.


Die Toten


After coming to New Zealand and finally getting a job, I haven’t had much time to work on personal stuff. Always something else to do. I did, however, manage to finish 2 comics. One of them, a 22-page comic for the second volume of Die Toten, will be published by the wonderful Zwerchfell Verlag. The story was written by my good friend Stefan Dinter. It plays out in Stuttgart, Germany, and people living there might (hopefully) recognise a few familiar places.

I originally planned on having “real” coloring for the pages, but my time schedule was overthrown when the Christchurch earthquake hit us. I had to come up with something quickly, so I decided to go with watercolor nuances, hightlighting my pencils.

I hope noone will be disappointed by my not-so-rotten zombies. The story plays something like 2 weeks after the outbreak and my little research told me that corpses turn blue around that time, which is where I went with them. George Romero was right with his Dawn of the Dead zombies!

Die Toten 2 will be out this October in Germany and I hope you enjoy Stefan’s and my contribution.



Very slow on updating, what with all the move to New Zealand, 2 comics in the making and whatnot…







Everquest commission

John Hughes


Jay & Silent Bob - John Hughes

The first thing I thought when I heard John Hughes had died. Characters are Jay and Silent Bob, who’s a huge fan of “Pretty in Pink” and “Sixteen Candles”.