Mass Effect 3: Tali’s Picture


It’s not often that I do fan art. Even less so that I post it. But in this case, I just had to do my own rendition of Bioware’s Tali portrait, because their version was… underwhelming. Not saying that my rendition is better, but at least I feel happier with it.

That being said, San Diego Comic Con was crazy! Awesome, but crazy. Man, did my feet hurt afterwards. Not to mention the sleep depravation.




Very slow on updating, what with all the move to New Zealand, 2 comics in the making and whatnot…

web two point oh


I’ve been wanting to change my page to a blog for a while. I just didn’t have the time to update my layout and create new thumbs every time I wanted to post a pic. Blogging should make this much easier and I should be able to post much more frequently. Couldn’t decide wether to use Blogger or WordPress… thanks to the charming Sarah Burrini for making that decision.