Some say he had no other talents, others are just happy he got into doing what he enjoys. The only known fact is that the Germany-raised and in New Zealand residing Spaniard will fulfill any immigrant quota you can think of.
But no matter where he goes, he fights the good fight as a Jack of all art trades.

When he feels like getting a bit more sleep deprived, Clavel likes to dip his toes in the comic world pool. Starting in 2006, he  first colored the Dinter Bros.’ Die Kleinen Mutterficker 5, then swung the digital brushes for Heavy Metal magazine’s Argstein Das Gesetz des Waldes/The Law of the Forest in Eckart Breitschuh’s style, rounded up by several tomes of Haimo Kinzler’s Krigstein. After some short cartoon strips for Comicgate magazine, in 2010 the comic gods finally allowed Clavel to draw his own comics in Perry – Unser Mann im All and Die Toten. But because all his stories end in gratuitous violence and/or ludicrous debauchery, the scripts were written by the far more talented Andi Völlinger and Stefan Dinter respectively.

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  1. BRO! Just shoutin’ out from across the pond!

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